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Make sure your HOA Board is communicating with you in the right way.

One fine evening Henry Ford had very finely thought that if everyone moves forward together then success takes care of itself. The prime difference that comes amidst a thriving community and a suffering one is how they communicate with each other. Communication is not just about throwing words at the other side, but making sure that those words are understood well is critical. However, you might be thinking that you are being kept in the communication chain well, but is that chain the way it should be? Technology has changed how we used to communicate. Calls have become better in quality, internet has changed the way of socializing, and software have made it easier to get updated with the latest trends. Communication neglected is success neglected. A lack of communication can easily disrupt the harmony in HOA and be the reason for the majority of the complaints. Here are several ways of creating quality communication in your HOA clarified by Worthross Association Management Texas.

Different ways of creating quality communication in your HOA.

Was it not a lack of proper communication that took the lives of Romeo and Juliet? Although rarely it happens as this in real life, a milder version of such tragedy keeps on obstructing our lives due to sick forms of communication. Here is a list of how HOA members can use various forms of technology to ensure a harmony of thoughts and life.

  • Website Portal – Websites have brought ease to another level in our lives. They are like a dorm on its own where people could come and go. Around these days almost all HOAs are having their own website where its members could visit and get the necessary information. The good thing about a website is that it becomes a single point to get most of the information about HOA and the activities around.
  • Newsletters – They are a great way to keep HOA members engaged about the community and to provide them with something similar to talk about around a cup of coffee or a cheesecake. Many people still prefer the printed newsletters over the digital ones. You might want to consider the cost of a newsletter – While the touch of physical newsletters brings joy to the skin, the digital ones are cheaper in cost and comes easy upon the ecosystem.
  • Social Media – Big social media giants have already provided us with almost all the tools one might need to get socialized. Make an account over some social media and share pictures of some event, videos of kids playing in some tournament, or just some necessary information about an upcoming event.
  • Software – Many software companies nowadays are rolling out their software meant to serve those specific needs of HOA members. These software allow people to customize them per their demands. It is like having a personal secretary.
  • Calls – Where software might create complexities for elders, calls can prove effective and efficient for them. Calls, although time-consuming, have been proven as one of the most effective ways of clearing things out. They are immediate unlike emails, and they seem very personal.
  • Virtual Meetings – Covid times have come evident as to how crucial virtual meetings are. People all around were hailing these video conferencing software, jumping from third and fourth floors in joy, pulling the hair of family in disbelief, slapping them hard, shouting their name loud enough, and revering the creators of these meeting software with candles and floral oblations. Try introducing it in the community and you’ll see how majestic it is.

There are many more ways to deliver your thoughts across. Wothross Association Management (Texas) suggest you to get in touch with the board and the management company and discuss the best way possible for the community. Feel free to contact in case you need any help. Worthross is here to offer its expertise. It works at different key locations including Texas ( is serving its clients happily for years.

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